Photo taken by Ting Zhang on December 12, 2023.

Ting Zhang

I am a freelance writer, photographer, oil painter, Volunteers Without Borders and Worldwatch Ambassador for Life.

My Services

Provide booking shooting services for portrait photos, landscape photos and company promotional films, including post retouching and editing, one-stop service.
Provide article writing and copywriting services, short articles can be completed within three days.                                                      Offers oil painting services, can copy all kinds of oil paintings, can also be customised, delivery in about ten days, drive to the customer's door.                                                                                  Please contact me for events that need volunteers as well.

My Skills

  • Skills Certificates: C1 Driver's License, Language Teacher's Certificate
  • Language certificates: Putonghua Grade 2A, IELTS 6.5, CET6
  • Specialized in photo editing and video editing, can skillfully use PS, PR and other software
  • Familiar with many types of cameras, good at photography and art painting
  • Good writing skills, good at creative writing and copywriting


A girl who likes to observe the world and record life with words and camera, I have published several articles on different platforms. And I created my personal public number during college and gained hundreds of fans. In addition, I have won awards for my photography. I love to capture every wonderful moment with my camera and express my feelings about the world with words.
Currently, I am settled in Melbourne. As a freelance writer, I also have more time to slow down, observe the world and draw inspiration from nature. I also like painting, and have learnt to copy oil paintings for many years. In my daily life, I like to participate in social practice and volunteer activities, and enjoy giving.

Showcase Work

In my literary creation, I mainly focus on prose, narrative genre, the subject of the article is not limited. In photography, I mainly focus on natural scenery, flowing clouds and standing mountains are the main characters under my lens. Below is a selection of four articles and some of my photographs, please enjoy.

Sliding window: on the left is a painting scene taken at home, on the right is a copy of Van Gogh's "Starry Night" work.

Currently, it has been six years since I joined the volunteer ranks. The following videos are some of the volunteer activities I have been involved in, and I hope to keep my heart in the future and continue to move forward!

photo by ting zhang


  • Provincial Silver Medal for the 16th National Youth Bing Xin        Literary Activity
  • Excellence Award of "Lime Cup" Essay Competition
  • Second Prize of National University Student    Photography  Competition
  • Certificate of Outstanding Volunteer

Email me at
Phone Number: 0423891245


If you want to know more about me, don't hesitate to contact me.

Photo courtesy of the school's official website.

Ms Chen Lu, a lecturer at the College of Arts and Letters, Zhengzhou University.

★★★★★ Comment

"I've known her for four years and she has endless potential for creativity. She often turns life's moments into soulful words, letting readers feel her spiritual world. During her college years, she loved life and actively participated in public welfare and volunteer activities.

She is a girl with excellent media literacy. On the one hand, she is proficient with many types of cameras and has taken many beautiful photographs. On the other hand, I saw that she had a strong passion for literary creation, and during her college years, she put great effort into producing a satisfying personal public account, and Ting's account attracted more readers than others."